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The Last Night at the Albert Street Motel
A solo exhibition of Photographic work created in the darkroom by Amber Lee Williams
Saturday 26 November 7PM

The works are presented in three segments. 

1. The Last Night at the Albert Street Motel: A body of work consisting of 13 photographs and blind contour drawings captured in a single evening to explore themes of identity, time, and place. 

2. Family portraits: Photographs of distant and unknown relatives (100+years and found in a family album) double exposed and hand painted to create and discover relationships within the family (past and present). 

3. Books: Double exposures of my mother and daughter, two areas of my life that will never meet. Altering books to encase these personal and precious “memories”. To open the book is to accept the invitation to look. To close the book is to accept reality. 

Amber Lee Williams is a St. Catharines based artist and a student at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts. For 7 years she has worked with encaustic paint, combining other mediums such as; sculpture, collage, oil sticks, etc. Within the past 2 years Amber has become interested in creating blind contour drawings of people she encounters in her life. Her recent work is experimental analog photography. The photographs are hand manipulated in and outside the darkroom. Through both figurative and abstract work, some of the themes she explores are; identity, family relationships, birth and death, etc.