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The Sister Act Project
Film Screening and Performance
Wednesday 29 February, 8pm
In the Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC

Neil on the Sister Act Project:

I’ve been watching Sister Act (1992, directed by Emile Ardolino, starring Whoopi Goldberg) once every day for the month of February. It is the only television, internet, or movie entertainment I’ve been experiencing. The project culminates with a screening at NAC on Wednesday 29 February where you can join me in watching Sister Act for the last time.

This is fan art at its highest level. Well, this is fan art at some level.

The intention is to spend a month reflecting on my mindless consumption of media and my fascination with religion. I grew up in a world where limitations on consumption were relaxed and my relationship to religion could be described as a cafeteria shopper. Basically, my relationship to things I watch and religious gestures were always very shallow.

I am taking a month to reflect on these two things. I often say to people that I am not religious and I don’t tend to enjoy movies. Yet, I still keep the bible next to my bed and watch movies frequently. I love some movies and Sister Act is one of them.

Maybe my intention was to drive myself crazy or maybe my intention was to punish myself. Maybe it was to have something bizarre to talk to strangers about in bars. I had a vague idea and I wanted to run with it. I wanted to be able to write about it and by the end have a more in-depth understanding of myself.

Please join me for my final viewing of Sister Act at NAC.

Bless You All,
Sister Mary of Niagara (Neil LaPierre)

Neil LaPierre’s blog about the Sister Act Project: