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  1. Call for Submissions: What About Rodman Hall?
  2. Fever Coat by Jamie Campbell > NAC’s Flea Market Gallery
  3. Small Feats > Saturday 9 April at 8PM
  4. This week at the Film House
  5. Attention Town of Lincoln Artists

What About Rodman Hall?
Deadline for submissions:
Thursday 24 March at 5PM at NAC

As an art gallery, Rodman Hall’s place in the consciousness of our community has fluctuated over its fifty-five-year history. The art gallery has at times been a proud emblem of civic health and an indicator of our collective progress, while at other times it has been misunderstood and purposefully marginalized.

The history of the Niagara Artists Centre and Rodman Hall are intertwined. Rodman Hall’s founding curator and director, Peter Harris, was one of NAC’s founding sixteen members. NAC also made an early home in the Coach House on the grounds of Rodman.

The place of the Rodman Hall Art Centre in our community is once again the subject of deliberation. Brock University, which in 2003 pledged to be the sole operator of the art gallery for twenty years, is now reconsidering the terms of its supporting role.

Why is it that our community leaders have not always recognized the value of having a strong, well-resourced public or university art gallery like Rodman Hall?

NAC is interested in the ideas that the visual artists of Niagara would like to share about Rodman, an organization that is mandated to support the development of artists and cultural workers in southern Ontario, as well as providing art experiences that enrich peoples’ lives.

What is the role of a public gallery such as Rodman in a community like ours?

What will the future of Rodman Hall look like?

What should our community leaders recognize about the value of an art gallery such

as RodmanHall?

The Rodman Hall website includes a thorough history of the gallery. Artists are encouraged to visit the site.

Finished works will be accepted at NAC for consideration by the Programming Committee from Saturday 19 March until Thursday 24 March at 5PM.

Artists are also expected to submit an artist statement of no more than 250 words along with a short biography not exceeding 150 words.

The group exhibition, tentatively titled, What About Rodman Hall?, will open with a reception on Friday 1 April at 8PM in the Show Room Gallery at the Niagara Artists Centre, 354 St. Paul Street, downtown St. Catharines.

Artists with works accepted for exhibition will be paid at rates above those recommended by the Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective (CARCC).

Questions about the exhibit can be directed to Stephen Remus at the Niagara Artists Centre [email protected]. Please include What About Rodman Hall? in the subject line.

Fever Coat
Jamie Campbell
On display at NAC’s Flea Market Gallery
Open Sundays from 9AM-4PM

Fever Coat is an open-ended collection of images, which thematically investigates a rare condition particular to the feline species. A diagnosis of Fever Coat is made when, after a feline’s immune system has fended off a major fever or illness, a substantial colour-shift in the animal’s hair follicles occurs, turning the darkest fur into a smoky grey or even pure white. This transformation of the animal’s coat, an outward sign of inner trauma that might otherwise have gone undetected, only becomes visible once the fever has passed. This visual evidence of bygone sickness, much like a photograph, offers insight into the past—but only, by definition, after the condition to which it testifies is gone.

Roland Barthes stated, on the topic of the photograph, “I fear a catastrophe that has already occurred.” Investigating this idea of exposure after the fact, my project uses Fever Coat as a metaphor for the photographic process. Just as Fever Coat unveils illness retroactively, similarly the photograph offers delayed evidence of the photographic subject or situation. In both cases, knowledge is made available only after the fact.

Artist would like to acknowledge the support of the Toronto Arts Council.

saturday 9 april
Doors at 8PM / VIP Preview at 7:40PM
Largest Art Exhibit + Sale in Niagara

Support Niagara Artists! Support the Niagara Artists Centre!

believe the hype!
The SMALL FEATS show and sale is NAC’s largest annual fundraiser and an assured rocking good time in beautiful downtown St. Catharines-on-the-parking-lot. Every year NAC challenges our artist members to create killer-diller visual art no larger than one square foot. These are veritable OXO cubes of artistry, the sweet and condensed distillations of visual expression. They pack a wallop but they’re small enough to hang almost anywhere in your house: in the hall, beside the fridge, in front of the TV, or hey, stick one up in the car.

This week at The Film House
Canada 2015. Directed by Deepa Mehta, 91 min. 14A
Deepa Mehta mixes guns, bhangra beats, bespoke suits, cocaine, and betrayal in Beeba Boys: a ferocious, adrenaline-charged Indo-Canadian gang war, and a violent clash of culture and crime. Gang leader Jeet Johar and his young, loyal, and often-brutal crew dress like peacocks, love attention, and openly compete with an old style Indo crime syndicate to take over the Vancouver drug and arms scene. Blood is spilled, hearts are broken, and family bonds shattered as the Beeba Boys (“Good Boys”) do anything ”to be seen and to be feared” in a white world. Beeba Boys is a gangster film by an internationally celebrated director; a movie where stereotypes are intentionally challenged and which takes us right inside this Indo-Canadian world…a specific world and culture which no crime movie has explored before.
Fri 11 Mar 8PM / Thurs 17 Mar 8PM / Sat 19 Mar 7PM
USA 2015. Directed by Andrew Haigh, 95min. 14A
While preparing for their forty-fifth wedding anniversary, Kate and Geoff’s marriage is shaken with a discovery that calls into question the life they’ve built together. Screen legends Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay won Best Actress & Best Actor at the Berlinale for this emotional tour-de-force from acclaimed director Andrew Haigh (Weekend).
Nominee – Best Actress (Charlotte Rampling) – 2016 Academy Awards
Thurs 10 Mar 8PM / Sat 12 Mar 7PM

Canada 1985. Directed by Micheal Rubbo, 95min. PG
A hair-raising, family comedy of magical proportions! Eleven year-old-hero Michael enters a supposedly haunted house and gets so scared that he faints and loses all his hair! He receives a secret recipe from ghosts to help his hair grow back but astonishing results occur after he mixes up the ingredients…
Sat 12 Mar 1:30PM

USA 1987. Directed by George Miller, 118 min. 14A
Three small-town friends, Alexandra (Cher), Jane (Sarandon), and Sukie (Pfeiffer), each having lost the man in their lives, are feeling unfulfilled — until a furtive stranger, Daryl Van Horne (Nicholson), arrives and begins courting each of them in turn. Eventually, Daryl tells them that they are witches. But as the three friends spend more time at his mansion, enjoying themselves and learning about their powers, they begin to worry about Daryl’s ultimate intentions.
Sat 12 Mar 9:30PM

USA 1973. Directed by Robert Altman, 112 min. R
Now cited by some as Altman’s finest film, The Long Goodbye was misunderstood when it was first released, the studio unsure if they were marketing a thriller or a comedy. In retrospect, it’s clear that this was Altman’s exploration of, and homage to, the noir genre with Elliot Gould somehow managing to create a Phillip Marlowe to rival Bogart’s for indelibility. The screenplay was written by Leigh Brackett, an uncommon female voice in the genre and veteran from films like The Big Sleep and Rio Bravo, and based on the Raymond Chandler novel. No surprise then, that the plot is intricately braided and riddled with snapping dialogue. John Williams and Johnny Mercer teamed up to compose the theme song and it is cleverly woven through the film, playing on car radios, in party scenes, and even in the notes of a door bell. Baseball fans will discover controversial Yankees pitcher and author Jim Bouton of Ball Four fame among the cast, and keep a look out for un-credited appearances by David Carradine as a convict and Arnold Schwarzenegger as a thug wordlessly dropping his pants on command to reveal a pair of bright banana-yellow jockeys.
Sun 13 Mar 1PM

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This email is coming to you via the NAC’s newsletter as there is no current or comprehensive data base for Town of Lincoln artists. NAC has been so kind to forward this email to you so that you might learn of this opportunity.


I am contacting you on behalf of the Jordan Historical Museum.  The Museum has funds for a very interesting artist’s project, however the funding eligibility is restricted to artists residing with the boundaries of the Town of Lincoln (defined as being between Lake Ontario and Twenty Road, from the boundary of St. Catharines to the boundary of Grimsby).


If you are interested in learning more about this call to artists or know of any other artists who reside in the town of Lincoln who may be interested, please contact me, Peter Dillman at: [email protected]


Thank you,

Peter Dillman

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