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In this edition of The Bulletin:

  1. June is Membership Month at NAC
  2. Summer Roof Deck Kick Off Party! > Sat 10 June 8PM
  3. Still Alive by Katie Mazi / Flea Market Gallery
  4. TWO SHOWS : ONE NIGHT > Fri 16 June
    New Work by Ben Ibebe / Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery
    DKV Trio / SOUND SOUND / Adam CK Vollick : NAC Roof
  5. This Week at The Film House

M E M B E R S H I P   M O N T H  

It’s membership month at your friendly neighbourhood artist-run centre! We concentrate our appeal for membership renewals, and for new members to join, for the whole month of June.

We’ll send you a specific email to let you know if your membership has expired or expires at the end of the month. If you don’t get one, that means you’re in good standing. Stay tuned!


  • Online here
  • In person at NAC: Wed 10AM-5PM / Thurs + Fri 12PM-9PM / Sat 12PM-5PM
  • Give us a call at 905-641-0331
  • Or by mail – who doesn’t like getting mail?
    354 St. Paul Street
    St. Catharines, ON  L2R 3N2

An annual membership starts at $45 [includes HST].

NAC holds our end of the bargain proudly:

  • Members are subscribed to this electronic newsletter to keep you looped in on what’s happening at NAC, with our members, and at other Niagara arts organizations.
  • Artist members get the run of Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery. This space exists so Niagara artists can quickly exhibit work and generate scratch, and it rotates every two weeks.
  • Members receive cut-rates on NAC special events. Our visual art exhibits are always free but then we heap on film screenings, music events, and literary readings. If you made it out to a half-dozen events in the next twelve months your membership’d pay for itself.
  • Looking for something and not sure where to find it? We likely have one or two ’em kicking around in the basement. Only NAC members have access to our tool library of film, video, photo, and audio equipment. There’s too much to list, but whether it’s making it or presenting it, we’ve got what it takes.
  • Members have voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting in November – as a member you get to help our organization make decisions. Attendance at the AGM also entitles you to at least one piece of southern fried chicken (vegan options available!).
  • Then there are our donor categories: Supporter ($100), Patron ($240), and Benefactor ($300+). Want to put something more behind the hardest-working Artist-run-Centre north of the Barnwell South Carolina birthplace of James Brown? NAC’s forty-eight uninterrupted years of bringing it is our testament to making the most of your benevolence. All donors receive a charitable receipt and there are perks like prints, warmth, and fuzziness.

Members are the lifeblood of our little tree-fort with a budget, we’re counting on you!!

Get In!


Saturday 10 June 8PM
Thomas Craig Oliver Terrace at NAC
Only five bucks to get in


A line-up of seven great live music shows to be announced!

Musicians from Cayuga to Chicago and from Welland to New Orleans all on one roof.

Limited (and soon to be elusive) passes for these shows will go on sale at the event.

Afraid to commit? Worried you won’t be able to make a show? It’s ok … you can pass your pass on to someone else!

Only sixty passes available!

By NAC Member Katie Mazi

On display at NAC’s Flea Market Gallery
Sundays from 9AM-4:30PM

St. Catharines Factory Outlet Flea Market
46 Turner Cr., St. Catharines

Still life paintings and drawings were commonly created, sold, collected and showcased since the 1300s and continue to be used as source material for artists. The still life is a timeless way to construct a work of art. Common elements include plants, food, flowers, drapery, vases, and jewellery as seen above.

Still Alive is a collection of found, household objects assembled to create a still life scene. The items on display were gathered from second-hand sources including this flea market. They all have gone through a similar cycle beginning at a retail store, to a residence, discarded and then brought together to restore their value. Each item has been through the process of being desired at one time, then unwanted. The intention of including reused imitation plant material along with ceramics was guided by their long lasting and timeless qualities, which are juxtaposed with their fragility and outdatedness. We are reminded of our own fragility, as the things we use, lose, trade, discard and find will often outlive us, as we move in and out of this world. Those who are passing by will view and perhaps document the scene if they choose.

Katie Mazi is an interdisciplinary artist based in the Niagara region. Her installation work immerses viewers into subversive domestic environments, while her photos illustrate vivid and deceptive scenes. She also uses painting and drawing to communicate fluid and immediate ideas. Mazi is most interested in using everyday objects to represent the absurdity of human behaviour, especially in relationship to non-human animals and the natural world.

two shows : one night

Join us Friday 16 June at NAC for the closing reception of Ben Ibebe’s exhibit in the Dennis Tourbn Members Gallery followed by the DKV Trio + SOUND SOUND on NAC’s Thomas Craig Oliver Rooftop Terrace.

It all starts at 7pm:

New Work by
Nigerian artist Ben Ibebe
Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC
On display from 3-16 June 2017

Closing Reception Friday 16 June 7PM

Ben Ibebe is an internationally known African artist based in Nigeria. Ben focuses on images of West Africa using vibrant, captivating and very tactile paintings in oil and mixed media. Featuring every day scenes of Nigerian life, Ben’s unique impasto technique give each art work an almost three dimensional surface adding additional character to bright colors and geometric composition. His work has broad appeal, with particular appear to the growing interest in Sub-Saharan and West African art.

followed by:


Visuals by Adam CK Vollick

Friday 16 June 2017 8PM
Thomas Craig Oliver Terrace at NAC
$17 / Advance tickets available at NAC / Mindbomb Records
DKV Trio (Chicago)
The DKV Trio is one of the most exciting ensembles working in contemporary improvised music. Featuring Hamid Drake (drums), Kent Kessler (bass), and Ken Vandermark, the band has been active since the mid 1990s and has released eleven recordings, including their most recent album, which came out in the autumn of 2016: Collider (that features the trio paired with the Scandinavian group, The Thing).

Their 2014 five CD box set, Sound in Motion in Sound, was reviewed by the Free Jazz Collective as follows, “They are tighter, more explosive, and ingenious than ever. Imagine every DKV Trio’s signature element coming together in a remarkably dazzling, fiery display of musical prowess. There’s an almost palpable quality to the way that the musicians meld their ideas and approaches together. There’s groove propelled by Drake’s funky, loose drumming, there’s melody in the bass lines, there’s dissonance and conflict in Vandermark’s fluid, mercurial playing.

This is a great recording by an unmistakable, intense group of musicians with a sound and feeling of their own. That much is clear now. I would even dare to call this album their best to date. Inspired, full of energy, harmonically, rhythmically, and even melodically rich, capable of wonderfully recreating the joy of listening to DKV Trio live.” 5 stars

2017 promises to be an exceptional year for the band: they will be releasing a new album on the label Not Two, have concerts scheduled in Canada during June, and will tour in Europe with Joe McPhee as a guest for the first time in their career.

SOUND SOUND is an improvised music series created and run by St. Catharines based musicians Jeff Luciani and Joe Lapinski. It aims at bringing together local and non-local musicians and artists in the spontaneous creation of sound. Both random and thematic inspirations are used to propagate a unique experience for both musician and audience member. In other words, everyone in the room can participate! SOUND SOUND currently has a monthly residency at Mahtay Cafe in lovely downtown St. Catharines.

Adam CK Vollick (Niagara)
I am a Niagara native who grew up close to the breeze of Lake Erie. My early love of Photography and Light has allowed me to hone unconventional methods in many different disciplines with some of my heros. I am currently working on several film projects for Neil Young; I am co-producing a short film with Daryl Hannah; and recently my work can be seen in the Timberlake/Demme film that premiered at TIFF 2016 and is now streaming on Netflix. As well, I continue to be a Daniel Lanois film collaborator for over a decade. My works both still and moving pictures are internationally collected and appear on stages and in theaters across the globe. Niagara is where I return to meditate, and find peace in my own life while preparing for the next sojourn.