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Top 10 reasons your Pinterest Board [that hates you]
wants you to become a NAC member

10) NAC memberships expire, like your bathmat woven from discount wine cork-composite™ glued end-to-end.
9) NAC memberships offer never-ending possibilities like the self-improvement posts you keep pinning during your Thursday cry.
8) NAC memberships offer no bad surprises, unlike the gender reveal party ideas you never asked for but I send you email alerts for anyway.

7) You’ve already pinned that picture of a baby goat. Whatever, don’t listen to me. Here, try this: the ins and outs of how to put a toddler inside a pumpkin and photograph it screeching like a bird of prey for a solid 40 mins. Hack: Buy a NAC membership and gain access to equipment to make this happen.
6) Your rustic pallet farmhouse dining platform with bonus Jeremy Irons would look great with a NAC membership on it if you could actually follow directions.
5) Unlike your NAC membership, this link for distressed recycled wood has a $500 price tag that is making you question your life choices, and CLICK HERE for 10 other ways you are positively impacting a man named “Hillside Bill” with your harmful social media activity.
4) Want to buy a NAC membership, but don’t know how to buy a NAC membership? Order a NAC membership from NAC, and other Pinterest lifehacks by clicking on this misleading hyperlink:
3) This year’s membership comes in Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet so it will fit your personal brand’s narrative strategy as well as your “ideas 4 my future house” board aesthetic. Maybe put the same amount of effort into your bank account, Ashlee.
2) That Betty Crocker train cake looks more like you evacuated your bowels on a plate. You can’t bring that to a children’s party, Ashlee. Get a NAC membership and maybe find some artistic talent!
1) Want a simple hack for getting a NAC membership and supporting a great organization without having to pay for it? Pin this for later then click on this link to see a monkey riding on a hotdog. There! Look at you! You’ve totally forgotten that Tim just broke up with you and you are two days deep into a life spiral. Progress. Thanks, NAC!

G E T  I N !