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Top Ten Surrealist Reasons
to Join NAC or Renew your membership today!

10) An airborne jello salad yields easily to the clown’s frantic machete

9) et dans ce cloche magnifique
que les mouches sortir la reine de feu
que l’origine enfeuillante enfantile enchanté
que les épaules vertes souffrir encore deux fois

8) An aged butler is standing alone on an ice-floe in the Arctic sea, dutifully holding a dead squirrel on a silver tray

7) Un nuage

6) Circus cannons are shooting overripe melons at a blank film screen

5) The mirror sort du matélas between fissured teeth et que les hiboux marchent

4) The unwanted fondue cookbooks at local yard-sales actually contain valuable tips for fending off a tornado with a rolling pin

3) The polarizing external traits of antennas lift you up to the edge of the previously inaccessible locks containing your dreams

2) Because you’d play outside more often if the potholes in your driveway weren’t brimming with blue barbicide;

1) A talon

June is membership month at your friendly neighbourhood artist-run centre! We concentrate our appeal for membership renewals, and for new members to join, for the whole month of June.


  • Online here
  • In person at NAC: Wed – Fri 12NN-5PM or Sat 12NN-4PM
  • Give us a call at 905-641-0331
  • Or by mail – who doesn’t like getting mail?
    354 St. Paul Street
    St. Catharines, ON  L2R 3N2

An annual membership starts at a measly $45 includes HST. You could float this thing on a back porch bottle drive!