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  2. Countless Faces by Sean Benton > Sat 3 Oct 7PM
  3. A MAN’S JOB by Anna Szaflarski > Sun 11 Oct



It’s happening ? It’s not happening? When’s it happening?

Shit happens.

Whither the STRUTT Wearable Art Show?

We sincerely wish we could offer you a short, concise, and confirmed answer on where and when the the sixteenth incarnation of the STRUTT FIASCO will be touching down.

Unfortunately, we can’t.

What we can tell you is this: Our home for the last four years is no longer available to us. The WS Tyler Factory has been reactivated, and believe it or not, now has a higher purpose to serve than hosting an annual wearable art weekend.

Our search for a home has lead us to the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre. We’re working the details on how to land the STRUTT Mothership of Weirdness in that spanking new facility but the calendar is too crammed for this fall. Presently, we’re trying to work all the details of unleashing the amphetamine rush of STRUTT on the newly beating cultural heart of downtown in the early months of 2016. Provided the ticker can take it, we’ll be making a formal announcement of the confirmed dates soon.

So, artists, hold on to those ideas, hone and refine them. And, anxious audience members, hold onto your hopes and your expectations. When we finally do this thing, guaranteed, it’ll be aimed at the stratosphere.


Stephen Remus
Minister of Energy, Minds, and Resources



An Art & Live Music Show
by Sean Benton

Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery
Niagara Artists Centre
Saturday 3 October at 7PM


by Anna Szaflarski
Niagara Artist Centre, Factory Outlet Flea Market, and Golden Pheasant
On display from Sunday 11 October – Sunday 6 December

The Niagara Artists Centre is pleased to present A MAN’S JOB, three newsbox installations by Niagara-born, and Berlin-based, artist and author Anna M. Szaflarski.

(1) at the Niagara Artists Centre at 354 St. Paul Street
(2) at the NAC Flea Market Gallery at 46 Turner Crescent
(3) at the Golden Pheasant at 244 Ontario Street

At each newsbox location poster editions of A Man’s Job by Anna will be available for pick-up. The poster is comprised of a chronological collection of newspaper headlines tracking the relationship between the employees and the auto industry in Niagara that spans over sixty years (1940-2011). As Anna explains,

“I was researching in the library archives for another project, but quickly noticed the frequency of headlines pertaining to GM; unions, lay-offs, which rotated from hopeful to pessimistic with regularity like the wheels of a mill…Together the fluid back and forth begins to lose all meaning; an eventual entropic disintegration.”

The title of the poster edition is a reference taken from a newsletter by Columbus McKinnon, an industrial firm eventually taken over by General Motors. A passage of rhetoric from the same McKinnon newsletter of the 1930s is included on the poster and reflects expectations of the relationship between a man and his employer. An image from the 1980s accompanies the text and depicts laid-off workers during the first major economic recession to impact GM.

This poster edition, A Man’s Job, investigates the expectations from both sides in the disintegrating love-affair between industry and its workers.

Born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, Anna Szaflarski is currently based in Berlin, Germany where she works predominantly as an art writer and artist-book publisher.