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UN-SEND: Wish You Were Here
Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC
Opening Reception Friday 11 December at 7PM

UN-SEND Is an International Collaboration Project created by Ivana Blanco Gross on January 15, 2015. The project functions as a forum in which artists communicate with one another through an exchange of small works.

The collaborative process has minimal constrains, besides a set of pre-arranged rules which regulate the mechanics of the exchange. One artist begins the process and the second one finishes the work.

Un-Send origins were influenced by the colour exchange between John Berger and John Christie as published in “I send you this cadmium red”. Even though Un-Send uses the post (mail) as a mean to attain its products, the resulting works are not Mail Art per se, but an expression of collective conceptual work.

The nature of collective work brings forward the question of aesthetic boundaries as understood by geographical location and cultural parameters.

Meaning changes according to individual context; you can cut, paint, wipe out, obliterate, partially erase, burn, add light whatever you send or receive.

During this process, the meaning of the work is being altered and influenced by the changing world view and the social reality of each participating artist.

This layering of meaning is what ultimately defines the prima fascia dialogue between artists.

When the pieces are shown side by side, the individual aesthetic value of each small work reverts to second stage; it is the final set that gives the ultimate meaning to the groups collaboration. It is important to be able to apprehend the message of the joint artistic effort since the final product is not necessarily defined by conventional aesthetic parameters but by the cultural un-edited dialogue between the artists.