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Asserting some creativity & productivity into your day

by Tamara Jensen
NAC Vice President / visual artist / restauranteur

Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to from my quarantine cave:

Following John Gorman on Medium

Reading No More Nice Girls by Lauren McKeon. A great Canadian perspective on women and power.

Trying to meditate daily with the Calm app.

High Maintenance

Gotta love ‘The Guy’.

High Maintenance is binge-worthy, comical, and often sweet. It started on Vimeo, was picked up by HBO, and you can watch it on Crave TV. (Shout out to NAC member Melanie Macdonald for turning me on to this last year).

Instagram Live Shows

Everyone’s talking about D-Nice’s Club Quarantine (@dnice) on Instagram live, but, there are many other DJs doing live shows as well.

Last Saturday Grandmaster Flash did a fantastic live show via his Insta account (@djflash4eva). Maybe he’ll do another one.

Check out @questlove for other live shows and all-round awesomeness, including live book readings for kids.

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Serge Ibaka

Whether a Raptors fan or not, have you seen Serge Ibaka’s “How Bored Are You?” videos?

Follow @sergeibaka on twitter to learn how to stay home #avecclasse


Fill your house with flowers and support local businesses.

Many greenhouses and florists are offering no contact delivery or pickup and have daily deals. Check out @greatgerberas and @thewateringcan on Instagram

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Rijksmueum Online

If flowers are your thing, there is no better place to ogle them than on the Rijksmueum’s online platform:

It has one of the best online digital collections of historical artworks.  A search for “flower paintings” turns up many gorgeous, zoomable images that are downloadable and open access for all your crafting and art-making needs.

African Photography

For photography lovers, try

A group of African photographers who create from a range of styles and places to counteract stereotypical images. They are also on Instagram @everydayafrica and recently ran a story that asked members to share their favourite photo books.

This reminded me that I wanted to get a copy of Mark Sealy’s Decolonizing the Camera: Photography in Racial Time that came out last year.

Someday Books

If you want books, and we all want books, you can order them from local bookstore Someday Books.

They now have an online shop and free, contactless, local delivery. If you don’t see what you want on their site, they’ll order it for you.