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By Daniel Ivankovac
Reception Saturday 29 September 7pm
On display from 24 September – until 5 October
I started painting seriously a couple of years ago. I could not find art to buy that I liked or could afford, so started  painting myself. I am self-taught, my work arises from constant experimentation. I prefer to work with acrylics on canvas but do experiment with other paints and mediums.

When I paint, I start with a basic idea and colour scheme and then see where the work will take me, many ideas seem to arise out of the moment, sort of a free form stream of consciousness. I love to paint since art seems to come from a non-rational part of the brain, it is many times driven by mood, listening to music as I paint also helps. Painting can be a great meditation, it can also be frustrating, the feeling of making a painting I love can be exhilarating.

I am influenced by pop art, psychedelic era posters, the design work of Verner Panton, 1960s and 1970s cinema, video games, old toys, and early electronic music. I have labelled my current work as Contemporary Psychedelic. I feel this best describes my art, new and original work with a bit of a mod feel to it.