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Voix de Ville > Artist Spotlight
Justus Duntsch

We’re checking in with some of the artists leading up to the Voix de Ville Extravagonzo. First up, Justus Duntsch. Justus is working on a whale of a project, and he’s glad to say that no living thing was hurt or exploited in the production of his wearable art (except for maybe his fingers and sleep pattern). To see what Justus has been losing sleep over, check out the Voix de Ville Extravagonzo Friday 18 November & Saturday 19 November at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre!

  1. As we evolve into Voix de Ville, what are you most looking forward to?
    When I first heard about the evolution to Voix de Ville, I had to give my head a shake. I’ve always had a big place in my heart for circus arts, and my experiences in Europe with circus and variety shows revealed the gap that exists in this part of the world just waiting for an event like this to fill it. I welcome this evolution wholeheartedly; while the industrial space of STRUTT was beautiful, I think the Voix de Ville team has some tricks up their sleeve which will transform the Partridge Hall into a place of wonder. I can’t wait to see how the art works will come to life in this venue but I have no doubt it will be a spectacular meeting of the old and the new, fine and raw, dark and bright -definitely a one-of-a-kind show.
  1. Tell us your favourite WTF moment from STRUTT’s gone by.
    WTF is what most people probably think over and over again as soon as you entered the factory space home of STRUTT. The best kind of WTF of course! The surprise at who from your extended friendship circle shows up there, the laughs, head shaking, insight and confusion that are all natural reactions to the works. And not to mention how strangely warm you feel to have been a part of such an odd, almost dreamlike experience.