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Wax Mannequin + DRFTR
Fri 30 Nov 2018 8PM at NAC

$10 at the door

Wax Mannequin (Christopher Adeney) has honed his weird, folk-punk anthems over years of travel and tribulation. His songs are dark and thoughtful at times, pounding and ridiculous at others…or all of these things at once. Songsmith, performance-art provocateur and self-sabotologist, Wax Mannequin continues indefinitely to carve a deep, indelible groove across the face the modern music underground.

Wax Mannequin’s 7th full length, Have A New Name, was recorded in a small east-end Hamilton industrial space containing piles of vintage and futuristic equipment. Adeney — along with percussionist Mark Raymond and producer Edwin Burnett —crafted Have A New Name’s eight songs out of semi-impromptu sessions that eventually expanded with the addition of grand piano, viola da gamba, double bass and a 12 piece choir. The end product is the most sonically ambitious Wax Mannequin album to date, and also arguably the most powerful.

Have A New Name, will be released June 22nd nationally on COAX records/Outside distribution (vinyl and CD). COAX is a wonderful not-for-profit label run by Rae Spoon, and home to quality friends like Bird City (Jenny Mitchell), LAL and Geoff Berner. I encourage you to explore the entire COAX catalogue at…