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In this edition of The Bulletin:

  1. Small Feats / Call for Submissions
  2. Collage + Letraset Party / Saturday 28 January 8PM
  3. This week at The Film House
  4. NAC’s Winter Hours


It’s that time of year again!

We’re gearing up for the biggest art buying frenzy and party of the year! We’re calling on the artist members of NAC to create remarkable works of art in support of your friendly neighbourhood artist-run centre.

But hey! Check it out.

While we’re still offering up sweet square foot works of art, we’re adding an even smaller option to this year’s wall. Sign up for a 6”x 8” canvas, to be sold for $100. Or stick with the 12”x12” canvas or Masonite board, to be sold for $200. Or do both!

We have lots of space, but only the best works will be accepted. Contributing artists choose to donate all or half the proceeds of their work to NAC.

NAC will supply some materials on request (canvas or Masonite) but photographic, mixed-media, and works on paper will also be considered. You must be a member in good standing to participate.

Let us know if you intend on making work by filling out the form (available HERE) and emailing it to by Friday 17 February before midnight. Small Feats takes place at NAC on Saturday 8 April, so save the date!

Friday 17 February 2017 before midnight / Applications to emailed to
>> Download the form here.

Saturday 1 April 2017 12PM-4PM / Artwork to be dropped off at NAC

Saturday 8 April 2017 8PM / SMALL FEATS!

We will email you when the materials are available for pick up.
Need to renew or sign on?

Collage + Letraset Party at NAC
Saturday 28 January 2017 8PM.

Sharpen your scissors!
PWYC / Licensed Event

This week at The Film House
At the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre

Gimme Danger     TONIGHT!
Wed 25 Jan 8PM / Sat 28 Jan 9:30PM

Read the review by Stephen Remus here

The director leads viewers on a detailed, sometimes rambling history of a group that, when it formed in 1967, was decades ahead of its time.
– Ann Hornaday (Washington Post)

A brainy and funny look at the creation and still-evolving legacy of a rock ‘n’ roll band Jarmusch considers the greatest of all time, even if Rolling Stone and snobby critics won’t admit it.
– Peter Howell (Toronto Star)

Thu 26 Jan 7PM / Fri 27 Jan 9:30PM / Sat 28 Jan 7PM / Sun 29 Jan 4PM

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about Moonlight is its open-endedness, its resistance to easy summary or categorization.
– A.O. Scott (NYT)

Barry Jenkins’s new film somehow manages to feel grand and intricate in the same moment, weaving random memories and crucial life experiences into a gripping tapestry.
– David Sims (The Atlantic)

Hello, My Name is Doris
Thu 26 Jan 9:30PM / Fri 27 Jan 7PM / Sat 28 Jan 4PM

Hello, My Name Is Doris uses this funny, outwardly ridiculous character to tell a simple story about a love that rarely speaks its name: that of an older woman for a much younger man.
– Manohla Dargis (NYT)

Sally Field keeps the movie on an even keel, for the most part, with an adroit and disciplined lead performance that generates both laughter and sympathy.
– Joe Leydon (Variety)

Sat 28 Jan 1PM

Unforgettable when it first appeared 30 years ago, Kes remains something of a landmark.
– Neil Jeffries (Empire)

Ken Loach’s film is grim and rambling, and without a clear victory, yet it’s one of the most powerful coming-of-age stories ever told, containing passages of great beauty.
– Jeffrey M. Anderson (Common Sense Media)

Life of Brian
Sun 29 Jan 7PM

If you’re a fan of the witty Monty Python gang, this a must-see comedy.
– Sandie Angulo (Common Sense Media)

A stylistically eclectic comic masterpiece.
– RF (Empire)

The Big Short
Mon 30 Jan 8PM

A dramatic retelling of the 2007-8 financial crisis reveals a riveting world of chaos, corruption and misfits. 
– Mark Kermode (The Guardian)

The Big Short will affirm your deepest cynicism about Wall Street while simultaneously restoring your faith in Hollywood.
– A.O. Scott (NYT)

NAC Winter Hours

Tuesday – Friday 12PM-5PM
Or often by chance

Contact Natasha Pedros at
if you need assistance
outside of gallery hours.