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Weird Baby World
Gabrielle de Montmollin

Plate Glass Gallery
Beginning Saturday 19 June 2021

My art making is based on imagination; I am interested in telling stories, play and mystery.
These are photographs of dolls, they are not real babies. Dolls – the things we give to children to play with. A child playing with a doll attributes a personality to it. A child’s play is often subversive and perverse. I approach dolls in the same way. These images were created from my imagination. In our society these figures are loaded with meaning. Those meanings are always in the back of my mind, but the figures are also personalities who exist primarily as players in the narratives I am exploring.

About the Artist

Gabrielle de Montmollin was born in Toronto. After studying political science at Carleton University in Ottawa she worked in television at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and pursued an interest in independent film-making. She moved on to still photography once she discovered it was the medium best suited to her unique vision and independent nature. For many years she worked exclusively with black and white film photographing throwaway plastic toys and dolls arranged in constructed, fantasy settings.

Montmollin has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Belgium, Italy, France and The Netherlands. She exhibited in Contact, Toronto’s Month of Photography Festival three times (2003, 2007, 2016). She was a member of The Red Head Gallery, an artists’ collective in Toronto from 2012 to 2016. She now lives in Welland, Ontario with artist Tony Calzetta who is the other half of their art collaboration known as ART IS HELL.

Photo from maquette of Weird Baby World / Plate Glass Gallery installation; right back and side wall.
Banner Image:
Photo from maquette of Weird Baby World / Plate Glass Gallery installation; left side and back wall.
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