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On display from Wed 8 June - Sat 2 July 2022

A window installation constructed out of reclaimed textiles, patchworked together in the patterns and motifs of stained glass found throughout downtown St. Catharines. These pieces are inspired by long leisurely walks appreciating architecture and glasswork, slowing down and taking closer look at details nestled around us. We aim to highlight those intricacies that go unnoticed when rushing from one place to the next.

During the day we encourage you to view the works from inside, with the sunlight filtering through them. These pieces emulate the distinctive comforting quality of warm, glowing light as it shines through fabric in a blanket fort. As we Illuminate these fabric panels like stained glass panes, the seams will be revealed like the solder between the glass. In sewing projects these are typically hidden away intentionally. We want to embrace those seams, those structures, and the signifiers of the processes, the labour, the care. We invite you to slow down and look closely, not just at the pieces themselves, but of the light going through them and what it reveals. See if you can recognize any of the sections of local stained glass that have inspired us.

Presented in partnership with In the Soil Arts Festival


Alex Verkade is a textile artist, patternmaker, and seamster. After receiving a Bachelor of Science from Brock University, she studied Fashion Techniques and Design at George Brown College. She has led textile upcycling workshops with Works-in-Progress Upcycling Collective and Double Take Thrift Store.

Andrew Finlay Stewart is an artist, musician, and curator. He holds a BFA from OCAD University, and has shown nationally and internationally, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, and Toronto’s Nuit Blanche and Luminato festivals. He has helped produce and curate with the Artists’ Newsstand and is currently part of the Long Winter Toronto team.

Alex Verkade (Artist)
Andrew Finlay Stewart (Artist)