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Photographs by Barsin Aghajan
Reception Saturday 19 July 7pm
On display in the Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC until Friday 25 July

In my project Stories I have attempted to document the juxtaposition between nostalgia and the present. Using digital photography as a medium, I’ve asked each of the six subjects to tell me a distinct childhood memory. Each story was recorded using still photographs to capture their facial expressions during which they were reliving a particular moment in their life. While photographing each subject, I digitally recorded the audio of his or her voice to transcribe for the gallery viewer to try and make a connection between text and expression. These images are a way of documenting human expression in a moment of nostalgia and to find the one photo that can epitomize the mood and feeling of each individual storyteller.

– from the artist’s statement




Honeymoon Suites or By-the-Week: Motel Culture of Niagara
On display in NAC’s Show Room Gallery until Sat 4 Oct

Installation by NAC Members Adam Buller and Katie Webb of Brainkite
Photographs by Oliver Pauk and Zach Slootsky

[NO] VACANCY, an installation in the Niagara Artists Centre’s Show Room Gallery, celebrates Niagara’s motel culture. On display from Saturday 21 June – Saturday 4 October.

Closing Reception and film screening Saturday 4 October.

Calling filmmakers, media artists, performers,

musicians, and motel lovers!

[NO] VACANCY Film Festival
Making stories of motels and life on the road

[NO] VACANCY, an installation in the Niagara Artists Centre’s Show Room Gallery, celebrates Niagara’s motel culture.

It has been created so that NAC Members can shoot film works using the installation as a series of sets to evoke motel culture. The installations, created by Niagara Falls’ art collective Brainkite, and featuring contemporary photography by Oliver Pauk and Zach Slootsky, are available for use by NAC Members between Wednesday and Saturday from 12 noon until 4PM beginning Wednesday 30 July and ending Friday 19 September.

Completed videos must be submitted to NAC by Wednesday 24 September.

Create work for any or all of the vignettes installed in the gallery:

  • A completely furnished motel room with a functional coin-operated vibrating bed and luxurious heart shaped hot-tub
  • A 60s era station wagon with a rear-projected moving landscape
  • An outdoor swimming pool with lawn furniture and diving board

Participating artists will have access to the wide range of video making equipment listed here. All submitted films must be no longer than ten minutes.

A jury will select films to be screened on Saturday 4 October at the closing reception. CARFAC recommended artist-fees will be paid to selected artists or groups.

For more information or to schedule your session contact Natasha Pedros at


Lost Together
A solo exhibition of artwork by Chad MacDonald

Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC
Saturday 26 July 2014  – Fri 8 Aug 2014
Opening Reception Saturday 26 July

Lost Together is about stumbling from one disaster to another and the work that was created between these disasters.


Wade Hunt – EP Release
Presented by IndoorShoes and NAC
Friday 25 July 2014 8:00 PM at NAC


Tickets available at Rock Universe July 2nd

WADE HUNT | St. Catharines, ON

After working and re-working several songs over the last three years, Wade Hunt is set to release his debut Tent / Igloo / [Canoe] EP via IndoorShoes. This eclectic mix of songs merges folk, punk and alt-country with an artistic sensibility.



CHRIS RIKKERINK | St. Catharines, ON

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Call for Submissions
Deadline for proposals:
Saturday 6 September at MIDNIGHT

The Niagara Artists Centre seeks creations that transform the human body.
We are looking for pieces that astound audiences and push boundaries. STRUTT is a challenge to create evocative, fantastic, and one-of-a-kind works of art for the human body.

For info and to apply online click HERE

  •     Deadline for Proposals – Saturday 6 September at MIDNIGHT
  •     Notification of Successful Entries – Saturday 13 September
  •     Deadline for FINISHED Art Work* – Saturday 25 October