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Create and Record at SAIL

the Sound Art Innovation Lab

The Sound Art Innovation Lab (SAIL) focuses on experimentation to assist sound artists, musicians, actors, producers, and film directors in using sound in their workflows. The organization brings together various community participants, students, and scholars of all ages to generate interdisciplinary discussion. As an organization, SAIL aims to create social awareness and encourage underrepresented groups to participate in all aspects of sound studies and production.

Log in as a NAC member or sign up for NAC membership and start creating in SAIL’s bookable studios. Artists will have access to the extensive range of equipment, as well as the latest plugins and your pick of our instrument collections at our workstations.

The Sound Art Innovation Lab wants to support creative and experimental music, audio book creation and sound artworks that push the boundaries of sonic invention.

Whether you play an instrument, create vocal compositions or work with field recordings this collective is a way to bolster the creative potential of the talent in St. Catharines and beyond.

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