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A Celebration of Jazz Legends
Ken Young

Once again the TD Niagara Jazz Festival teams up with the Niagara Artists Centre for a visual art exhibit.

This year’s feature:

Ken Young with ‘ A Celebration of Jazz Legends’.

The artwork forms a 52’ continuous scroll, depicting in line ink and pencil the illustrated characterization of 65 legendary Jazz musicians. These form a biographical timeline of their progressive musical virtuosity. Establishing a pantheon of unsurpassed artistry that heralded the evolution of the most unique art form to originate in North America.

The images are an attempt to express the personality that exists between the music-maker and the music they create, an improvised extension of their inner-self.

The final project will be published as a book of continuous concertina pages with an accompanying narrative based on the original illustrations.

This is the initial showing of this original work and is subject to all the current 2017 regulatory laws of copyright.

“An illustrated homage to the musical art and artists of Jazz. Jazz as I know it and enjoy as my favourite listening hobby. It does not attempt to suggest an intimate knowledge of musical structure and composition. It takes the high road and sides with the view that if it sounds right it is right.” Ken Young

Exhibit reception with live jazz.

Admission is FREE