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A Group Show

This show is an apparatus for conceptualizing ideas about the female body and gendered notions of femininity in social spaces. The work adds to the canon the manner in which female artists take ownership over their societal representation. The show will provide a multifaceted and multi-generational depiction of the “female” experience whilst playing with the absurdity that there is still so much missing from global conversations about the politics of femininity. The female body is the political subject at the centre of this exhibition, with bodily expression through the poetics of the visual. How is the body central to our experience? Are we our bodies or do we watch our bodies navigate social space? What is the mind/body divide in relation to a “female experience”? Can we even speak of an essential female experience?



June-Etta Chenard
Emma Lee Fleury
Judith Graham
Rose McCormick
Taylor Telford
Tracey Van Oosten
Amber Lee Williams