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On view from 22 Feb – 16 Mar
Opening reception Sat 24 Feb 1pm-4pm
Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery

Chris Alic

Chris Alic is a multidisciplinary artist working mainly in photography and clay. She has a degree in Human Geography from Brock University and a smattering of photography, drawing, film, glass blowing, and ceramics courses taken across the past 30 years in various cities, provinces, and states. Her practice centres around memory and solitudes of being and is greatly informed by nature and the human relationship to the natural world, and what it means to be in solitude. She is most comfortable in and derives inspiration from liminal spaces in the natural world, emotive state, and places of knowing/unknowing, remembering/forgetting.

Artist Statement:
When I am out with my camera I inevitably end up on the shores of a lake or river, no matter what time of year it is. Taking photos is relaxing and meditative the same way being near a body of water is. And there is something extremely special about Niagara Region waterways in winter, especially the shores of Lakes Erie and Ontario. The two bodies of water have different personalities and different kinds of beauty. Lake Erie tends toward the more dramatic while Lake Ontario has a quieter and consistent calm. The solitary, barren feel of winter shores is comforting, and beautiful, and is what draws me here. Both shorelines captivate me with their strange ice shapes and almost alien landscapes that make me feel like an explorer on another planet. The almost humanoid ice shapes deepen that sense of beauty and solitude somehow. I wanted to capture that in these photos.

This body of work is part of an ongoing project that began in 2019 and that I plan to continue for many years to come.