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Fibre Art Week has been postponed due to the Polar Vortex!
We’ll try again in the spring!

Open Studio Sunday – FREE!
Sunday 2 February 2 – 6pm

Calling all fibre artists, fiberistas and istos, knitters, felters, spinners, weavers, quilters, stitchers, crazy crocheters! Calling all the creative curious future fibre addicts, come and play with us while we wool away the day. Join us as we kick off the Fabulous February Fibre Arts Week at NAC. Bring your spinning wheels, knitting and felting needles, bubble wrap (yes bubble wrap) quilting squares, and anything fibre related that you would like to play with at our first fibre art open studio. This is a spin in, a felt in, a knit in, so come on in! Meet and work with the experts in person and via webcast throughout the afternoon. Check out what all the fuss is about! This is a free afternoon with donations gladly accepted.

Knitting-in-the-round ($50)
Instructor: Cassie Leigh Clancy
Monday 3 February  6 – 10pm
If you’ve been knitting for a while, but can’t reach past the world of scarves and hats, why not attempt amigurumi, and really enjoy the fruits of your labor? I will guide you through the next step of knitting, with an emphasis on knitting-in-the-round with double-pointed needles, increasing and decreasing. Beyond the teaching of technique, I will be sharing my pattern to knit our very own apples, giving you the hands-on skills to take you into the future of tiny knitting. So dust off your needles and cast on that red yarn, because we are getting ready to knit tiny!

Embroidery for Beginners ($50)
Instructor: Debbie Arruda
Tuesday 4 February  6 – 10pm
In this beginner embroidery workshop you will learn a variety of embroidery stitches. From running stitch and French knot to chain and satin stitch, you will create a small stitch dictionary for yourself. We will also discuss projects you can work on with your new found embroidery skills.

Felting Basics for Beginners ($50)
Instructor: Tammy Jane Lepp
Wednesday 5 February 6 – 10pm
What the heck is this felting thing people keep talking about? This workshop will teach you the basics skills for creating your own wet and needle felted wool textiles. At the end of the workshop you will leave with a completed felted piece as well as the confidence and ability to continue to explore this amazing art form at home or in your studio.  All materials will be provided.

Intro to Drop Spindling ($50)
Instructor: Lisa Renee McKenzie
Thursday 6 February 6 – 10pm
Wish you could spin your own yarn? Its easier then you think. Before you take on the big wheel, learn how to use a handmade drop spindle and spin your own yarn. You get to take it home with you at the end of the night. This is the perfect introductory class to spinning, its fun, affordable, and addictive! All materials will be provided.