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David Oxner 

Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery
Niagara Artists Centre

On view from 6 Jan-20 Jan 2024
Closing Reception Sat 20 Jan 7PM

Gallery Hours
Wed-Fri 12PM-5PM + Sat 12PM-4PM
Or often by chance

David Oxner, more widely known as DJ Dave Stiles, is a dynamic creative force. A DJ revered for his affinity for vinyl, a keen-eyed photographer, and an artist poised to unveil his latest creative phase.

David’s artistic odyssey is as varied as his skill set. With music as his steadfast base, he expanded his creative horizons by studying film at NSCC in Nova Scotia. Over the last eight years, David has delved deep into the realm of painting, skillfully translating the nuanced sensibilities of his film and DJ work onto canvas.

In his paintings, David emerges as a perpetual student studying the nuances of colour while nurturing a deep passion for texture. His work, influenced by Gerhard Richter’s extensive portfolio and George Condo’s artistic philosophies, stands as a testament to his dedication to experimentation and emotional depth.

In the sanctuary of his St. Catharines studio, the vibrancy and energy that have earned him acclaim as a DJ are channeled into his artistry. His artistic methodology is a testament to perpetual exploration, consistently challenging norms and inspiring to venture into uncharted territories.

This exhibition is more than a showcase of eight years of artistic evolution; it’s a celebration of a journey that has traversed diverse mediums and locales. David’s  artistic expedition embodies his unwavering dedication to creativity.

We invite you to join us in embracing David Oxner as he presents a collection of work that vibrates with the rhythm of his multifaceted life. In every endeavour, David captivates and inspires, embodying the true essence of creativity’s diverse expressions.