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The Niagara Artists Centre presents

Night #1 : HARDWOOD
comedy music at it’s finest

Mon 16 Dec 2019 8PM $10 at the door
Kwong Chow 310 St. Paul Street

Hardwood was featured by NPR in the 2019 Tiny Desk Community video, in the NY Comedy Music Fest in 2015 and 2019, Women in Comedy Fest in 2017, and has performed with the likes of The Trailer Park Boys, Creed from The Office,  Turquoise Jeep, and David Liebe Hart.

With 5 years of performance experience, and a lifetime of pooping experience, Hardwood is ready to take Kwong Chow by storm!

Nothing Doing Mondays is a series of winter events hosted at Kwong Chow on St. Paul specifically programmed for hospitality and cultural workers who typically spend their weekends working.