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Polaroid Emulsion Lift Workshop
With Amber Lee Williams

When: Sunday 30 July 30th 12pm to 4pm
Where: Niagara Artists Centre
Cost: $60 + $20 material fee

In this workshop, Niagara artist and NAC member Amber Lee Williams will share the magical process of creating Polaroid emulsion lifts. Participants will have the opportunity to try several approaches to shooting Polaroid images (different cameras, filters, double exposures, etc.). Amber will lead the group through a step-by-step process of how to extract the emulsion lift layer from the Polaroid and transfer it onto a sheet of watercolour paper. Each participant will go home with 3-4 finished Polaroid emulsion lifts.

Participants may bring a photograph (digital or physical) that they wish to print as a Polaroid that will then be turned into a lift.

*Materials to be purchased on the day of the workshop. Please bring cash!