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Regan Peacock Fung took tremendous joy in the world around her. Her courageous spirit, keen judgment and infectious laughter enriched the lives of those who knew her. Regan’s passing in September 2011, from Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia, was a devastating loss.

Regan had a love of art since kindergarten when her drawing was published in the children’s section of our newspaper. She pursued her interest in high school and then attended Concordia University, earning a degree in studio art and art history. She had a studio at home and spent her free time, when possible, painting large canvasses. When she became ill, it was her painting that gave her focus and solace. Her art hangs on the walls of family and friends, proof of its enduring importance. We cannot think of a better way to honour her life than through an endowment for Niagara Artists Centre.

– Claudia Peacock

Painting by Regan Peacock Fung

The Regan Peacock Fung Memorial Art Fund

The Regan Peacock Fung Memorial Art Fund has been established by Regan’s parents, Bob and Claudia, and brother, Erik, to honour her memory and two of the passions that enriched her life: art and travel. Money raised through the fund will provide assistance to professional visual, media and craft artists living in Niagara. Annually, an artist will be awarded $1000 toward their travel expenses artist in Canada or abroad to attend, or participate in, activities related to their work as an artist.

Travel Assistance for Professional
Visual, Media, and Craft Artists

Applications due:
Monday 9 October 2023 5pm
>> Email the application to [email protected] with Regan Peacock Fung Memorial Art Fund in the subject line.

Contact Natasha Pedros at [email protected]
with any questions

Past Recipients

2013 > Carrie Perreault (Artist-in-Residence [AIR], Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan)
2014 > Mori McCrae (Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakerrig, Ireland)
2015 > Amy Friend (Havana, Cuba)
2016 > Janny Fraser (Zwolle, Netherlands)
2017 > Jim Maunder (Camino de Santiago, Spain)
2018 > Tammy Jane Lepp (New Orleans, USA)
2019 > Jonathan Culp (Manitoba, CA)
2022 > Candace Couse (Reykjavík, Iceland)
Maggie Groat (Berlin, Germany)


  • The applicant must be a professional visual, media, or craft artist by meeting the following eligibility criteria:
  • Have specialized training in the artistic field (not necessarily in academic institutions)
  • Be recognized as a professional by his or her peers (artists working in the same discipline)
  • Demonstrate commitment to devoting more time to artistic activity, if possible financially
  • Have produced an independent body of work
  • Maintain an independent professional practice for at least two years following the completion of specialized training in the field.
  • Artists’ public presentations and exhibitions, both in Canada and abroad, must be in a professional visual arts organization or context where the artist’s work is recognized by a professional curator, gallery owner/art dealer, or collective of professional artists.


Travel for Exhibition

Travel to attend an exhibition of your art works. Travel must be in response to an invitation by a professional visual arts or fine craft organization, or in another context where your work is selected by a professional curator, gallery director or art dealer.

Travel to Artists’ Residency

Travel to participate in a professional artists’ residency. Participants should be chosen through a selection process. The host organization should offer support in the form of a confirmed grant or honorarium, or contribution towards accommodations.

Travel for Research

Travel to research the creation of a body of work. Your artist statement should describe the work you are intending to create and the importance of your travel research to realizing your ambitions.


Artistic merit as determined by a panel of objective, professional NAC artists familiar with national standards and regional interests. Qualities of interest to the panel include:

  • Original and innovative
  • Engaging and compelling
  • Challenging to the intellect
  • Stimulating to the imagination
  • Transcending the academic
  • Lacking in pretensions and artifice
  • Multi-faceted in its ability to communicate


  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Artist’s statement
  • Written confirmation of exhibition, professional development activity or outline of your plans
  • 10-15 images (digital) with a corresponding list of titles, sizes, and mediums

[email protected]

Please include Regan Peacock Fung Memorial Art Fund in the subject line. Applications due: Monday 9 October 2023 5pm


Natasha Pedros
Niagara Artists Centre
905-641-0331 [email protected]

If you would like to donate in honour of Reagan Peacock Fung please go to our donations page.