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Indigenous Futurist mini-series TimeTraveller™
by Skawennati
Thursday 6 November at 8PM

Time Traveller™
TimeTraveller™ is a multiplatform project that includes a website (, a nine-episode machinima series, a set of digital prints, and a prototype action figure. Together they tell the story of Hunter, an angry young Mohawk man living in the twenty-second century. Despite his impressive range of traditional skills as hunter, warrior, and ironworker, Hunter is unable to find his way in an overcrowded, hyperconsumerist, technologized world.  In an act of desperate clarity, he has decided to use his edutainment system—his TimeTraveller™—to embark on a technologically enhanced vision quest that immerses him in historical events significant to First Nations, such as the Dakota Sioux Uprising, the Oka Crisis and the occupation of Alcatraz Island. Along the way, he meets Karahkwenhawi, a young Mohawk woman from our time, who also gets a pair of TimeTraveller™ glasses. Together they criss-cross time and Turtle Island, discovering the complexity of history, and of truth itself.

Recently shortlisted for the inaugural National Media Arts Prize, Skawennati, a 2011 Eiteljorg Contemporary Art Fellow, is recognized as a pioneering New Media artist. Her art, addressing history, the future, and change, has been widely exhibited across Turtle Island in exhibitions such as Close Encounters: The Next 500 Years and Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation 3 and is currently being presented in the Montreal Bienniale. Her work in is included in the collections of the Canada Art Bank, Edd J. Guarino, and the Aboriginal Art Centre at Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, among others.

Born in Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, Skawennati graduated with a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal, where she is based. A founding member of the First Nations artist collective, Nation to Nation, she currently sits on the board at Galerie Oboro. She is Co-Director, with Jason E. Lewis, of Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace, (AbTeC) a research network of artists, academics and technologists investigating, creating and critiquing Indigenous virtual environments. Please visit to see more.