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Saturday 22 November 2014
WS Tyler: 225 Ontario Street, St. Catharines

Doors Open for Niagara Exotic Bazaar at 8:00PM
STRUTT Runway show at 9:00PM

You can have your spectacles in all kinds of ways – catastrophic weather, arena rock, NASCAR roll-over wrecks – but there’s nothing like what you get when you tap the underutilized creativity of a mid-sized North American city, pack the energy dense and tight like a C4 charge and detonate it in a big old factory for one colossal night of mayhem.

STRUTT’s got provocative gyrations to smack down a Nicki Minaj menagerie and electromagnetic kinetics to rival the generators churning in the whitewater froth of the Niagara. Combined, it makes for something weirder than Portland or Austin would ever dare to dream. Forget the prevailing square imperatives, STRUTT is the single, annual occasion where Niagara surprises the hell out of itself.

The fifteenth edition of this orchestrated riot of art, music, and performance reaches its crescendo on Saturday the 22nd of November. It’s the largest wearable art show in the nation, and there’s nothing like it, nowhere, nohow.

General Admission Seating: $40.00 Adults / $25.00 Students/NAC Members
Curators Row: $85.00
Tickets can be purchased through Centre for the Arts at Brock University

Tables of Eight: $1,000.00
Tables can be purchased through the Niagara Artists Centre at 905-641-0331.


[NO] VACANCY in the Show Room Gallery and
GEOFF FARNSWORTH in the Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery

Join us on Saturday 4 October at 8PM for the [NO] VACANCY Film Festival: Making stories of motels and life on the road. We’ll also be celebrating the closing reception Geoff Farnsworth’s exhibit in the Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery. It all starts at 8PM.



Honeymoon Suites or By-the-Week: Motel Culture of Niagara

Photographs by Oliver Pauk and Zach Slootsky
Installation by NAC Members Adam Buller and Katie Webb of Brainkite

Closing Reception and Film Screening Saturday 4 October 8PM

The [NO] VACANCY exhibit was created for NAC members to shoot film works using the installation as a series of sets to evoke motel culture. Sets include a completely furnished motel room with a functional coin-operated vibrating bed and luxurious heart shaped hot-tub; a 60s era station wagon with green screen; and an outdoor swimming pool with lawn furniture and diving board.


10660179_10152769209377069_673790455708640845_nGEOFF FARNSWORTH
Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery
On display until Saturday 4 October 2014

My paintings explore a relationship between figurative and abstraction in order to meld unconscious probing and stylistic innovation with a meditative figural base. It is important to me that the paintings work well as collections of shape, colour, texture, and energy, while also building a compelling image. Working with people and objects from my personal world, I focus on maintaining a balance between plan and accident, known and unknown, restraint and exuberance. My figures look out as much into mindscape as landscape.

— Geoff Farnsworth, 2014


Tuesday 7 October 2014 at 7PM
Niagara Artists Centre

An Evening of Adaptations, Appropriations, and other extra-literary Interventions featuring Jaap Blonk, Rachel Zolf and sound artist Radiodress.

Rachel Zolf and sound artist Radiodress perform a live sound-text adaptation of Zolf’s new book Janey’s Arcadia (Coach House 2014) – an aversive, conversive reckoning with the ongoing errors of North American settler-colonialism. Zolf will also screen her 11-minute video adaptation of Janey’s Arcadia, edited by Aleesa Cohene and with soundscape by Radiodress.

Jaap Blonk is a vocal improvisor, self-taught composer and poet. Inspired by Kurt Schwitter’s sound poem, Ursonate and American free jazz, Blonk has been performing since the early 70s and has worked with The Ex, Mats Gustafsson, Joan La Barbara, Michael Zerang, John Tchicai, Tristan Honsinger and many others.