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The Fan Connection - Movie Poster

Niagara Artists Centre presents

The Fan Connection

A Sabres hockey fan documentary

Available to Stream: March 5 – 19, 2021
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USA, 2019. Directed by Mary Wall. 93 min. NR

The Rust Belt city of Buffalo, NY yearns to reclaim its lost pride despite a growing sense of futility and cynicism after decades of decline. When a new owner buys their professional hockey team and promises a championship, Buffalonians see a path to their city’s relevance.

Throughout this season of unprecedented hopes, we meet a nonagenarian rehabbing from a serious fall, a young man with cerebral palsy determined to learn to drive after doubting himself for years, and a teenager struggling to find her identity while coping with the death of her father. As these fans overcome life’s struggles and cheer their team, ordinary citizens take responsibility for their city, refusing to wait for politicians or silver-bullet solutions to determine their future.

Combining archival material, interviews, and hand-held vérité footage, The Fan Connection immerses us in the stories of everyday Buffalonians to shed light on the larger story of why sports matter in a city seeking to rise from the ashes.

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Join The Fan Connection
Panel Discussion

Friday 12 March 7pm on Zoom

Join Sports Broadcaster, Matt Bonomi, in conversation with:

Mary Wall – Producer/Director, The Fan Connection
Eric Wojtanik – Producer, The Fan Connection
Mike Harrington – Buffalo News
Jamie Salfi – Freelance Sports Pundit

Q & A Panel Discussion