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the northern arm + the dinner is ruined
Sat 15 Dec 2018 8PM at NAC
Tickets $10

the northern arm
instrumental. started 2004. recorded at various locations in ontario, outside in winter. song ideas recorded acoustically, on spot. 8 track running off a car inverter. dubs later at home. some locations: toronto island, niagara, ghost road scugog island, steel plants in the hammer. 4 albums before children and jobs. now electric, 2 drummers, gtrs, bss, tapes. 30 minutes of continuous music. recorded at the gas station last summer, after floods. 4th time at in the soil, thanks very much.


the dinner is ruined
The Dinner Is Ruined will dazzle a discerning audience with their quirky blend of experimental and improvisational techniques unique to the mood in those special moments of performance. In other words, “Let’s drop some jaws!”

The Dinner Is Ruined was formed in 1991 by multi-instrumentalist Dale Morningstar. Original members included Don Kerr on drums and Al Kelso on bass. They recorded their first album, Burn Your Dashiki, in 1991. After this point, Kelso left the band. Keyboardist/bassist Dr. Pee joined the group, and a second album, Love Songs from the Lubritorium, was recorded in 1993 by Raw Energy, Kerr left the band after this. While opening for Rheostatics in 1994, Morningstar and Pee were booed and had objects thrown at them. Subsequently Dave Clark, at the time a member of Rheostatics, joined The Dinner is Ruined. In 2000, the group released the album A Maggot in their Heads. The band continued to perform live, with often improvised instrumentation quite different from their recorded work. In 2001 the band performed live at the Folk on the Rocks Festival in Yellowknife, backing up Gord Downie. This collaboration continued, and the members of The Dinner Is Ruined recorded as part of Gordon Downie’s backup band on his three solo albums. North American tours in 2001, 2003, and 2010 followed.

Hockey legend Bobby Orr responded to the release of the song “Bobby Orr” saying “It has a good beat and you can dance to it.”

Dale Morningstar has engineered two albums that were nominated for JUNO awards for Thrush Hermit and The Inbreds and Dave Clark and his band Rheostatics received a GENIE award for Best Original Song in 1994.