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Friday 5 February 2016 | Doors at 8PM
Silver Spire United Church – Next door to NAC!

Physical tickets available at Mindbomb Records


If you’re seeking affirmation that despite the fading potency of rock ‘n’ roll it still bashes through the hardened slurry of mundanity with ground quaking authority akin to John Henry’s last mighty sledge hammer swings, you owe it to yourself to behold The Sadies.

A few years back, for the In the Soil Festival, The Sadies blew-up the Mikado clipping breakers no one knew were in the joint. Shortly after, they brought their ton-weight of guitars to bear on the twenty-thirteen incarnation of STRUTT, diesel powering the affair into legend.

On February fifth, The Sadies’ll be in the auditorium of the Silver Spire United Church, right beside your friendly neighbourhood artist-run centre on St. Paul Street.  The show is co-presented by Indoor Shoes and NAC. Witness, and you too may testify!

Special thanks to the folks at The Silver Spire United Church for hosting the night!

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