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In this edition of The Bulletin:

  1. Small Feats > Saturday 9 April at 8PM
  2. BANANAGANZA: Kristin Stahlman > Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC
  3. Puppet-A-Go-Go Workshop at NAC > Monday 21 March 7PM
  4. Discounted rates on Rodman Hall Memberships for NAC Members!
  5. Call for Submissions: What About Rodman Hall?

saturday 9 april
Doors at 8PM / VIP Preview at 7:40PM
Largest Art Exhibit + Sale in Niagara

Support Niagara Artists! Support the Niagara Artists Centre!

believe the hype!
The SMALL FEATS show and sale is NAC’s largest annual fundraiser and an assured rocking good time in beautiful downtown St. Catharines-on-the-parking-lot. Every year NAC challenges our artist members to create killer-diller visual art no larger than one square foot. These are veritable OXO cubes of artistry, the sweet and condensed distillations of visual expression. They pack a wallop but they’re small enough to hang almost anywhere in your house: in the hall, beside the fridge, in front of the TV, or hey, stick one up in the car.

Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC
On display from Sat 19 March – Fri 1 April 2016

Bananaganza is an exhibit of banana peel photos collected in collaboration since 2014. Inspiration commenced one evening upon visiting a movie theatre. In the parking spot next to mine it appeared as if all four passengers of the now-gone car had woofed down a banana each, leaving the peels by their respective car doors. The decomposed peels looked like a strange creatures: bats, geese, turtles, birds….I was compelled to snap a photo.

Being an avid walker I began noticing banana peels nearly everywhere and stopped to snap a photo of each. Eventually I posted the small collection on social media, where my friends joined in. Soon the random tossed banana peel photo collection expanded to include peel photos sent from all over – the furthest sent from Venice, Italy.

Some of the peels appear in clusters – imagine two to three friends sitting down to enjoy a banana together, leaving the peels and walking away – or perhaps the same individual is eating a banana in the same location every day!

Some of the banana peel photos are comical – you wouldn’t believe some of the places that people actually leave banana peels – toy store shelves and even a bathroom stall in Las Vegas! Who eats a banana in the washroom?

Photographers and locations are credited.
Themes for the Bananaganza photos include:

  • Middle of the road
  • Cityscapes
  • Infrastructure peels
  • Grass, pavement, snow and gravel
  • Pets and friends

Finger Puppet Making Workshop at NAC
Monday 21 March 2016 at 7PM

Puppet-A-Go-Go is coming soon to NAC.  The April show will include 1000 Finger Puppets.  To reach that magic number, Puppet-A-Go-Go is hosting a workshop at NAC on Monday 21 March.

The workshop is open / free to NAC members and you are INVITED!

When: 7 til 9 pm Monday 21 March 2016

Where: NAC – 354 St Paul St, St. Catharines
Puppet-A-Go-Go is a collective of four artists: Christine Cosby, Alexa Fraser, Trisha Lavoie and Clelia Scala.  Our goal is to bring puppets to the people and people to the puppets. Puppet-A-Go-Go launches in the spring of 2016, with ambitious plans to expand over the next four years into a big, annual puppet festival by 2020.

For the inaugural show in 2016 at NAC, Puppet-A-Go-Go will feature a variety of puppet based installations by us and also a wall dedicated to 1000 finger puppets created with help from many contributors.

If you are interested in contributing to this art exhibit, join us on 21 March.  We will bring fabric, sewing notions, hot glue guns and other items to facilitate your creativity. If you have specific ideas/materials in mind please feel free to bring for your own use or to share with others. Also feel free to bring your own scissors (there can never be enough scissors).

For more information on our upcoming April exhibit at NAC and to track our 1000 finger puppet progress, visit our blog or follow us on facebook

NAC Members get a discounted rate on annual memberships!

ONLY $30 for NAC Members

Rodman Hall Art Centre, Brock University, is a vibrant cultural centre located on the historic Thomas Rodman Merritt estate in downtown St. Catharines. It is also the site of the Walker Botanical Garden, a terraced public garden on the banks of the Twelve Mile Creek. Operating as an art gallery since 1960, Rodman Hall is home to a permanent collection of approximately 850 works of art by 19th and 20th century Canadian, American and European artists comprising paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and outdoor installations.

A public art gallery since 1960, Rodman Hall mounts new and exciting exhibitions each season featuring contemporary, historical, regional, national and international art works. Rodman has a full menu of engaging art education courses and workshops for adults and children and special events that offer a chance to network with fellow members and Gallery staff.

Your membership is an investment in the Gallery’s mission and vision. Together, we ensure:

  •  Conservation of the permanent collection
  •  Development and staging of quality exhibitions
  •  Imaginative education programs for children and adults
  •  Cultural vibrancy in our community

To sign on contact Danny Custodio at 905.688.5550 ext. 5802 OR download the forms here.

What About Rodman Hall?
Deadline for submissions:
Thursday 24 March at 5PM at NAC

As an art gallery, Rodman Hall’s place in the consciousness of our community has fluctuated over its fifty-five-year history. The art gallery has at times been a proud emblem of civic health and an indicator of our collective progress, while at other times it has been misunderstood and purposefully marginalized.

The history of the Niagara Artists Centre and Rodman Hall are intertwined. Rodman Hall’s founding curator and director, Peter Harris, was one of NAC’s founding sixteen members. NAC also made an early home in the Coach House on the grounds of Rodman.

The place of the Rodman Hall Art Centre in our community is once again the subject of deliberation. Brock University, which in 2003 pledged to be the sole operator of the art gallery for twenty years, is now reconsidering the terms of its supporting role.

Why is it that our community leaders have not always recognized the value of having a strong, well-resourced public or university art gallery like Rodman Hall?

NAC is interested in the ideas that the visual artists of Niagara would like to share about Rodman, an organization that is mandated to support the development of artists and cultural workers in southern Ontario, as well as providing art experiences that enrich peoples’ lives.

What is the role of a public gallery such as Rodman in a community like ours?

What will the future of Rodman Hall look like?

What should our community leaders recognize about the value of an art gallery such as RodmanHall?

The Rodman Hall website includes a thorough history of the gallery. Artists are encouraged to visit the site.

Finished works will be accepted at NAC for consideration by the Programming Committee from Saturday 19 March until Thursday 24 March at 5PM.

Artists are also expected to submit an artist statement of no more than 250 words along with a short biography not exceeding 150 words.

The group exhibition, tentatively titled, What About Rodman Hall?, will open with a reception on Friday 1 April at 8PM in the Show Room Gallery at the Niagara Artists Centre, 354 St. Paul Street, downtown St. Catharines.

Artists with works accepted for exhibition will be paid at rates above those recommended by the Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective (CARCC).

Questions about the exhibit can be directed to Stephen Remus at the Niagara Artists Centre Please include What About Rodman Hall? in the subject line.

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