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A Collection of Work by NAC Member
Quinn Oberlein

Flea Market Gallery
46 Turner Crescent
Sundays 9am-4pm

When I’m Not Around is a multimedia collection of pieces from 2019-2023 that explore the artists’ intrapersonal reflections on the desire for solitude and the tangibility of grief. The theme of these works is a longing to understand and navigate these aforementioned feelings, this is conflicted with the fear of actualizing them. There is a reservoir of emotions and memories that remain untouched, isolated within the psyche. When I’m Not Around offers a glimpse into this peculiar space.

Quinn Oberlein is an interdisciplinary artist living in St. Catharines, Ontario. Her practice includes the use of painting, hand drawn and stop motion animation, and textile sculptural pieces and garments (sewn, knit and crochet). She often times combimes these mediums in her work, exploring the possibilities of what can be created.

Top: On My Mind, gouache on water colour paper
Bottom: Be There Soon, gouache on water colour paper