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an experiment with expanded cinema

featuring work by Chance Mutuku, Christy Mitchell, Liam Flagg, Martina Doom, Quinn Oberlein, Ren Kangas and Sahar Saeidi with XCAVATE Alumni Connor Wilkes.

For the last several weeks, Niagara artists from ranging disciplines have been guided through a series of analog film workshops led by media artist and XCAVATE alumni, Connor Wilkes. The group has been experimenting with small gauge motion picture film, 35mm slides and a variety of non-traditional filmmaking techniques.

Knowledge about analog filmmaking can appear distant and guarded, but the NAC-facilitated workshops encouraged artists to give-it-a-go, to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Film becomes accessible here and artists are emboldened to experiment until understanding strikes.

For one night only the group presents the result of these workshops: a projection performance crafted from film, slides and sound; media relics found, bought and sought; sliced, slashed, gashed, and looped together into something exciting and new.

Come and experience this foray into expanded cinema on Saturday 9 September  at 8PM