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Center-Point Cycle

Digital Video Installation
by Avery Mikolic-O’Rourke

13 minutes 37 seconds loop

Located at FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre Lobby.
On  display until Saturday 30 September 2023.

Avery Mikolic-O’Rourke’s captivating digital video installation, “Center-Point Cycle” (coordinates 45.4704492, -73.6044496), presents a patchwork landscape that delves into the immersive potential of screen-based art. The artwork is a collage of approximately 700 video clips, all shot over an eight-hour period from the same vantage point on Montreal’s iconic Jacques Cartier Bridge. Over the course of 13 minutes, this collage gradually unfolds before the viewer, offering a contemplative depiction of intricate highways interweaving and vehicles appearing and disappearing against the backdrop of a dynamically changing sky and an aging industrial cityscape.

For Mikolic-O’Rourke, who initially studied painting and drawing at Brock University in St.Catharines, before pursuing the Intermedia program at Concordia in Montreal, “Center-Point Cycle” serves as an experimental documentary, preserving a visual record of Montreal as it appeared in the year 2022.

This work stands as a testament to the artist’s interest in using these videos as a form of archival practice, capturing and preserving the essence of the spaces they inhabit. Through this digital art installation, Mikolic-O’Rourke offers viewers a contemplative journey that blends time, space, and memory, inviting them to reflect on the transience of the urban landscape and the significance of preserving such ephemeral moments for posterity.

Find out more about Center-Point Cycle here.

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The Mighty Niagara Film Fest presents the 2023 Media Artist Spotlight screening and in person Q&A event with showcase of digital media works by Avery Mikolič-O’Rourke.

Thursday 17 August | 7:00 pm
Microcinema | Niagara Artists Centre

Tickets available HERE.

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