Florida Noir by Melanie MacDonald: Saturday 28 October 2017 2PM

New Paintings by Melanie MacDonald
Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC
On display 28 October – 10 November 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday 28 October 2-4pm


Gallery Hours:
Wednesday 10AM-5PM
Thursday – Friday NOON-9PM
Saturday NOON-5PM

Stitched Together / Sandy Middleton / Sat 14 Oct-Fri 27 Oct 2017

Stitched Together
New Work by Sandy Middleton

On display from Sat 14 Oct – Fri 27 Oct 2017
Reception Fri 20 Oct 2017  > 7:30PM-9:30PM


COOLER THAN COOL (ICE COLD) / Katie Mazi + Jenn Judson / Sat 23 Sept 2017

Katie Mazi + Jenn Judson
Opening Reception 23 September 2017

On display Friday 13 October 2017

Do you like art and do you like to laugh and/or cry?

Good. It’s a photo show. Two amateur photographers, ten plus+ amateur models and one new body of work. Some call the photos dumb, others call them sexy. It’s up to you to come to the show and decide for yourself.

Kate Mazi and Jenn Judson present to you: Cooler Than Cool (Ice Cold). A photobased exhibition that you have to see to believe.


xo see you there!

Colin Nun / Sat 12 Aug 2017 6PM

Work by Colin Nun
Opening Reception Saturday 12 August at 6PM

Colin Nun is a Canadian artist working with text-based paintings. His work consists of carefully constructed typographic motifs deeply rooted in graphic design. Often his paintings are composed of a single word depicted in flat colour, constructed from his own geometric typefaces. Nun’s primary objective is to paint words that convey their meaning – simply put, to use words as imagery. He challenges how ‘normal’ letters and words are represented and questions what letterforms can become if pushed to their limits. Harnessing basic elements of typography, Nun focuses on line, shape and composition to create tension between the letterforms, an optical effect he calls “visual vibration”. With influences seeded in pop culture, cinema, advertising graphics and ephemera, Nun experiments how language is depicted and how the viewer perceives language.

Born Colin Andrew Nun on December 3, 1981 in Welland Ontario, Canada he studied at Niagara College of Applied Arts from 2000 to 2002 then pursued his degree in Halifax, Nova Scotia, studying at NSCAD University in 2003 and OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario, from 2006 to 2009. Nun currently lives and works in his hometown.


∞ Lightness / Adam CK Vollick

∞ Lightness
Adam CK Vollick
Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC

Reception Friday 4 August 7PM
On display until Friday 11 August

The show is 4 different interconnected bodies of work.  Spacetime Paintings -impressionistic photographs- made in the camera, Niagara specific landscapes from our beautiful region.  In addition a small selection of my Spacetime Ballet series where the subject becomes the brush.  “I’m still learning in Public” is a cross section of my accidental film career with Daniel Lanois, Neil Young and Jonathan Demme.  My most recent video art is a 5hr glacial painting of the Niagara and our atmosphere, “Timespace: Turbulent Fluidity” I am also showing a huge glorified drawing based on a character I amuse myself with named the dreamer.

A Celebration of Jazz Legends by Ken Young

A Celebration of Jazz Legends
Ken Young

Once again the TD Niagara Jazz Festival teams up with the Niagara Artists Centre for a visual art exhibit.

This year’s feature:

Ken Young with ‘ A Celebration of Jazz Legends’.

The artwork forms a 52’ continuous scroll, depicting in line ink and pencil the illustrated characterization of 65 legendary Jazz musicians. These form a biographical timeline of their progressive musical virtuosity. Establishing a pantheon of unsurpassed artistry that heralded the evolution of the most unique art form to originate in North America.

The images are an attempt to express the personality that exists between the music-maker and the music they create, an improvised extension of their inner-self.

The final project will be published as a book of continuous concertina pages with an accompanying narrative based on the original illustrations.

This is the initial showing of this original work and is subject to all the current 2017 regulatory laws of copyright.

“An illustrated homage to the musical art and artists of Jazz. Jazz as I know it and enjoy as my favourite listening hobby. It does not attempt to suggest an intimate knowledge of musical structure and composition. It takes the high road and sides with the view that if it sounds right it is right.” Ken Young

Exhibit reception with live jazz.

Admission is FREE

RSVP- liaison@niagarajazzfestival.com

New Work by Ben Ibebe / 3-16 June 2017

New Work by
Nigerian artist Ben Ibebe
Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC
On display from 3-16 June 2017

Closing Reception Friday 16 June 7PM

Ben Ibebe is an internationally known African artist based in Nigeria. Ben focuses on images of West Africa using vibrant, captivating and very tactile paintings in oil and mixed media. Featuring every day scenes of Nigerian life, Ben’s unique impasto technique give each art work an almost three dimensional surface adding additional character to bright colors and geometric composition. His work has broad appeal, with particular appear to the growing interest in Sub-Saharan and West African art.


NUTS II: A New Bag / Sheldon Rooney / Fri 26 May 2017

Sheldon Rooney

On dispay from 19 May – 2 June 2017

Reception Fri 26 May 5:30PM

“Nuts Two? I’ve never even heard of Nuts One! What’s your name? Never heard of ya.”

My name is Sheldon Rooney. Nice to meet you. Again, for the first time, perhaps. It’s been awhile. I’ll explain:

“Nuts: Another Mixed Bag” was a 2009 art show of mine at the forever revered CRAM Art Gallery here in St.Kitts. Tobey C. Anderson, Owner. I was welcomed into Tobey’s world after my first show “Private People” at the Niagara Artists Centre. He became my mentor and friend and we spent a lot of good times together. He’d let me crash on the couch and I’d dig him a coy pond. He’d give me endless encouragement and I’d help him pack a container to be shipped to artists in Cuba. He is now a beautiful memory and his art will live on. Tobe. We went to a Gentlemans Club once and you fell asleep. Watching your peacefully deep face that night as I swatted away the strippers I felt I had found family. Rest well. This show is dedicated to you.

It’s been six years since my last solo show. In that time I became a father to my son, Declan. I kept creating work but I had left the scene. My boy is a little man now and already a talented, and passionate art enthusiast. I want to show him what’s possible. Bring work out to the public and see what happens. Maybe make a couple bucks. Good stuff for young eyes to see in times like these, am I right?

This show is a celebration of perserverance through custody battle pain, depression, and fear. Everything we feel when things get heavy. I cope in colour. “Heavy Metal loud” colour as Tobey once described my work. Tears have fallen on this work but joy and love (Sara! Declan!) has raised it to the walls of the never dull, always delivering Niagara Atrists Centre.

It’s crazy! It’s a New Bag! Of Nuts! Something for everyone young and old!! Won’t you come get Nuts with me?

Hope you have a chance to come and see the work and join me for a cheers on Friday 26 May from 5:30-8:30 at NAC.

-Sheldon Rooney

The Last Night at the Albert Street Motel / Amber Lee Williams / Sat 23 Nov 2016

The Last Night at the Albert Street Motel
A solo exhibition of Photographic work created in the darkroom by Amber Lee Williams
Saturday 26 November 7PM

The works are presented in three segments. 

1. The Last Night at the Albert Street Motel: A body of work consisting of 13 photographs and blind contour drawings captured in a single evening to explore themes of identity, time, and place. 

2. Family portraits: Photographs of distant and unknown relatives (100+years and found in a family album) double exposed and hand painted to create and discover relationships within the family (past and present). 

3. Books: Double exposures of my mother and daughter, two areas of my life that will never meet. Altering books to encase these personal and precious “memories”. To open the book is to accept the invitation to look. To close the book is to accept reality. 

Amber Lee Williams is a St. Catharines based artist and a student at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts. For 7 years she has worked with encaustic paint, combining other mediums such as; sculpture, collage, oil sticks, etc. Within the past 2 years Amber has become interested in creating blind contour drawings of people she encounters in her life. Her recent work is experimental analog photography. The photographs are hand manipulated in and outside the darkroom. Through both figurative and abstract work, some of the themes she explores are; identity, family relationships, birth and death, etc.