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Natasha Pedros


NAC Nomadic Cinema

A drive-in arthouse cinema with great things to eat! The NAC Nomadic Cinema is rolling across Niagara this summer. First stop: beautiful $t. Ca$hrine$-on-the-Parking-Lot — literally! The Film Programming Group…
30 June 2020

Minister’s Meanderings

As our little boats continue rocking on the waves there’s a lot of rhetoric floating around about ‘getting back,’ ‘getting through,’ and ‘returning to normal.’ Though ubiquity has pretty much…
28 April 2020

Minister’s Meanderings

Kelly Mark Image of I Really Should, Kelly Mark Kelly Mark, REM, 2007. 4-channel digital video installation (136:33 minutes) and furnishings, 640 x 244 cm. Installation view in 2019─20, permanent…
14 April 2020